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Faith Formation


     Faith Formation is an important part of the ministry of the Word here at the Church of Saint Anastasia in Teaneck, NJ.  We are a people dedicated and committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus to children and adults.

   Faith Formation for Children - Faith Formation Classes

   Faith Formation for Adults RCIA




Faith Formation for Children

For children in Grades 1 through grade 9 attending public or private school, (Kindergarten is also available on an optional basis), we offer Faith Formation classes.  As part of this program, children are prepared to receive the sacraments, Reconciliation and Eucharist in grade 2 and Confirmation in grade 9.

Our sessions are led by catechists, we call them catechists because they do more than just teach about the faith, they catechize.  This means they try to help their groups learn to live their faith, by praying, by recognizing the importance of worship and by putting love of God and neighbor into practice in their daily lives.  This is a far different activity than asking children to memorize answers from a catechism as was done many years ago.  We do however, ask children to learn certain basics, such as prayers, the law of love and the Commandments.  Much more time is spent on reading and discussing the bible stories, the sacraments, the church, and morality and how these things can help us to find happiness in our everyday lives as God intends.

In summary we try to help our students understand that they are being formed in their faith by making a connection between their religious education and their weekend Liturgy.

For information, please contact the Faith Formation office at

201-837-3356 or email us: FaithFormation@SaintAnastasia.org

Please be sure that we have your updated contact information.


2015-16 program information sheets

can be downloaded here.


Program calendar can be downloaded here


Download forms on the "FORMS" button.




Faith Formation for Adults

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation

Who is The R.C.I.A. for?

      1. Any adult not yet baptized who wishes to become a Catholic,
      2. Any adult baptized in another Christian faith who wishes

          to become Catholic,
      3. Any adult baptized Catholic who has not yet received and

          celebrated Eucharist and Confirmation and wishes to do so.

How long does the Process Take?

      It depends on the individual need, usually one to two years with the reception of sacraments at the Easter Vigil.

What Are The Stages of R.C.I.A.?

During this time Inquirers are able to reflect on their lives in light of the message of Christianity. This is a time to ask questions about Christ and the Church.

Instruction and Formation:
With the help of a sponsor and members of the parish you experience the church as a community of the faithful: its spirit, work, prayer, creed and mission.

Sacraments of Initiation:
Baptism and/or Eucharist and/or Confirmation are received in a very joyful celebration at our Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday)

For more information, please call Sr. Adrienne at 201-837-3356 or

email: RCIA@SaintAnastasia.org



Download RCIA registration form on the "FORMS" button.




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